Наши студенты - STRашно талантливы! Кто они? Чем удивляют?

Наши студенты - STRашно талантливы! Кто они? Чем удивляют?

“STRашно талантливы” – это новый онлайн проект для детей и подростков, обучающихся в Streamline.

Анна Герасимова, преподаватель английского Streamline:

"Среди учеников нашей школы – чемпионы по разным видам спорта, победители региональных и республиканских школьных олимпиад, звезды КВНа и подиумов, а также пока еще неизвестные художники, писатели, фотографы, актеры, режиссеры – список можно продолжать бесконечно. На страницах блога мы будем рассказывать о них, наших талантливых ребятах!"



Нашу рубрику открывает Полина Лахцутко!

Полина учится в Streamline 3 года – и добилась очень высоких результатов в английском языке. Ее талант писателя, грамотность и чувство английского языка удивляют. Далеко не каждый взрослый так грациозно владеет языком, тем более, иностранным.

Убедитесь в этом сами - прочитайте эссе Полины!

Since primary school English has been my passion. For days on end I would sit with a big dictionary copying and learning simple words, I would turn on films and cartoons in English trying to catch a known word or a phrase. I was taken aback with the ease people were speaking such a complicated and intricate language, but its fluency, its difference from Russian amazed me. I craved to understand it. English seemed to be something unreal and unachievable.
Years went by and my keenness never left me. Hard slowly turned into possible. Although I wasn't great at it, nevertheless, despite teachers, moods, difficulties and failures I have always been fond of this language. 

Three years ago my eagerness brought me to Streamline.

I’m 17 now, a school graduate. It is known that our interests, minds and values vary a lot according to our age and I want to share my own opinion of being a teenage student of the language school.

First of all, English is something that is definitely worth learning. Nowadays it is used worldwide and it is a good practice to understand it.

It is known that high school is a considerable period of a lifetime when you start to think seriously about your future. You gradually understand that you won’t live off your parents forever and sooner or later you’ll have to decide what you want in this life. Hence you try to perceive what is necessary and what is not. And in my point of view whatever you’ll decide to do, knowing English will be important anyway.

When I realized it, studying the language became not so tough as I suddenly got a great incentive to connect English with my life. Isn’t it easier for you to make yourself do something rewarding, something you see the meaning in?

What I like the most about courses is the atmosphere of English. Teachers at school frequently let themselves speak Russian and our country is not very adapted for tourists therefore we are a bit short of practicing oral speech. At Streamline classes speaking our mother tongue is forbidden and due to the same level of your classmates you deeply get into English. Using new vocabulary and grammar contributes to its better memorizing. Gradually you stop translating your thoughts – you start to think in English. You just enjoy yourself talking to friends. Leaving the classroom I want to continue speaking English and I like it.

In spite of a bigger number of students than in school’s groups due to diverse tasks you will never be disregarded even if you are the most bashful and unsociable person in the world. Moreover, from time to time we discuss quite fascinating thought-provoking topics, imagine ourselves in different amusing situations. For the past 3 years I have enhanced my colloquial language a lot.

My favorite classes are connected with varied places of the world: gorgeous nature spots, splendid sights, amazing holidays and festivals, unexplained phenomena of nature. Talking, reading, watching videos about “the deadliest place on Earth”, the sizzling wonderland of New Zealand, the biggest winter festival in Quebec, diving with sharks, jousting, chasing volcanos, walking through the Amazon River, the Appalachian Trial, Chinese opera, Indian weddings and so on take you far away from the class. Such topics broaden your horizons, astonish you by showing what a beautiful world it is, how many places in it are worth visiting. This “traveling” encourages and inspires me.

Of course there are days when you want to unwind after a hard day at school or days when you despise the whole world and dream only about being alone, when you have no intention of studying at all but you need to go to classes. Unlike school you won’t have a possibility to nod off there. But in some time you feel that it isn’t so tedious as at school, no one forces you to study, you absorb new information easily even getting pleasure from it. Finally you embrace that it wasn’t in vain to come there – and relax. 

Streamline taught me how to turn learning English into entertainment. I have been obtaining knowledge boosting my self-confidence in the language. I have found out a great amount of ways how to study on my own, have accustomed to sustain my level always trying to advance it. And I can truly say that I enjoy it.

To sum everything up, my attitude to English altered during my growing up. At seven I was just a delighted child, interested in learning an unknown language, in secondary school I understood its real importance and complexity, but it is Streamline that made me love it.

Расскажи о своем таланте и попади на страницы Streamline! Информацию о себе и свои работы присылайте на электронный адрес str_talent@str.by или передавайте через своих преподавателей! Это могут быть любые проявления творчества – фотографии, статьи, рисунки, стихи, видеоролики и т.д., но с обязательной привязкой к изучаемому языку.

Ждём ваши письма! Станьте следующим героем рубрики "STRaшно талантливы"!






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